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Reckless Indifference Documentary

Reckless Indifference began as a classic American suburban nightmare of teens, drugs, parents and prison. It has become a compelling story of obfuscation, betrayal, and preferential justice. The film tells the true story of how a backyard brawl at the home of a teenaged drug dealer resulted in the death of the drug dealer's best friend, who by coincidence was the son of a Los Angeles Police Department officer. The ensuing trial sent four teenage boys to prison for life without parole, notwithstanding that only one of the four teenage boys wielded a pocket knife to protect his younger brother, and willingly confessed to his crime.
Posted September 10, 2012 - Filed in Teens/Peer Preasure - #Addictions  #Drugs  #Jail  #Dealers  #Alcohol  #Friends  #Fight  #Party  #LAPD  #knife  #stabbed  #treatmentent 
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