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President Obama The Pricey Presence of His Company

  • 10/10/14  10:57am

    President Obama snapped pics, ate dinner and chitchatted with his Hollywood constituents Thursday ... but only if the price was right.

    We got hold of the pricey menu at Gwyneth Paltrow's digs -- where people paid $32K for a full hangout with Obama.

    Here's the price list for the various options:

    - $1,000: You Get on Gwyneth's lawn and get to hear the Prez.

    - $2,500: A good seat on her lawn.

    - $5,000: Includes a photo with the Prez.

    - $15,000: A Prez pic AND you get to stay for dinner.

    - $32,400: Talk time with the prez, your name on the invitation and all of the other perks.

    Having a famous friend doesn't come cheap.

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