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Quotables: Tea Leoni's Got a Good Old Head on Her Shoulders

  • 9/20/14  2:39PM

    “Listen, David gave me the two greatest gifts on the planet; I don’t know how I could ever hate him. We’ve always loved each other, and we adore these kids. … I’m not playing stupid—I understand feelings can get hurt and things can get icky. We’ve had our moments like that. But these kids are too important, and he feels the same way, I know it. He’s a good guy.”

    --Tea Leoni on her ex-husband -- self-admitted sex addict -- David Duchovny, and their current relationship today. What a wise, wise woman.  

    Can there be more exes and more parents like this? Yeah, David's issuesare/were big issues. And it was probably pretty hard for both parties to deal with them, especially considering that they have children together, and those children are going to grow up knowing all the details that there are to know, most of them probably pretty unsavory. 

    But these two, despite what they've gone through together and on their own, set the example for healthy relationships ... even if they weren't so healthy at one point.

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