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Robin Williams's Death Draws Deep Sadness from Readers

  • 8/16/14  10:07am

    It was an emotional week for PEOPLE readers, who celebrated new life while mourning the staggering loss of a Hollywood icon whose tragic death shook the nation. 

    From the birth of Savannah Guthrie's new daughter to theshocking suicide of actor and comedian Robin Williams, readers embraced joy while weathering deep, collective heartbreak. 

    Below are the five stories that drew the strongest reactions readers this week, from happy, sad, laugh out loud, and angry – to wow. 

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    The birth of new daughter Vale for Today host Savannah Guthrie and husband Michael Feldman – mom gushed she has "the chubbiest cheeks you've ever seen" – warmed readers' hearts as Guthrie said that her family was "overcome with happiness, gratitude and joy." 


    News that Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's mother and cousin had survived a horrifying head-on crash with a drunk driver this week drew wows from readers, as the actor urged fans to "hug your own family tighter and tell them you love them." 


    New child-sex-abuse claims were filed this week against the late Michael Jackson, sparking anger from readers after James Safechuck, now 36, alleged that he was offered jewelry at age 10 by the late pop star in exchange for sexual favors – an allegation the Jackson estate denies. 


    The death of comedic genius Robin Williams at age 63 stunned the nation this week, after news broke that the Academy Award-winning actor, who had battled depression and waning health, had committed suicide. 


    A toddler who slipped through the White House's North Lawn gates, prompting a security lockdown, earned himself a time-out from his parents and a laugh from readers as the Secret Service acknowledged they'd be waiting "until he learned to talk" to investigate. 

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