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Alec Baldwin told by judge to 'be a good boy from now on' as wrong-way bike case adjourns

  • 7/24/14  2:21pm

    Alec Baldwin -- who called NYC a "mismanaged carnival of stupidity" -- says he won't apologize for his disorderly conduct arrest in May ... and he could ultimately end up on the winning end.

    Alec was in NYC court Thursday ... to face a disorderly conduct charge for allegedly berating officers who stopped him in May for riding his bike the wrong way on 5th Avenue.

    Baldwin told the judge ... he'd rather pay a fine than say he's sorry for going off on the cops.

    The judge -- who told Baldwin he has a short fuse -- asked, "Can you stay out of trouble, Alexander?" Baldwin said, "Sure, sure" ... and the judge said he'd dismiss the charge entirely IF Alec can keep his nose clean for 6 months.


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