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Donald Prays For Forgiveness....At A Black Church In LA

  • 6/1/14  3:17AM

    Donald Sterling sat in a Black church for 2 hours Sunday in South L.A. and pissed off some members of the congregation ... while others seemed willing to at least forgive, if not forget. 

    Sterling, surrounded by bodyguards (just in case), hit up Praises of Zion Baptist Church -- and sources in the church tell us he sat through the entire service ... though it's unclear if he addressed church members publicly.

    Seems strange that Sterling made what amounts to a mea culpa appearance at the predominantly Black church ... since he no longer owns the Clippers (pending NBA approval). Sources connected to Donald tells us the church visit was planned several days before the sale talks began ... so it's even more interesting he went though with it.

    We're told about 30 people were in attendance today -- and at least one regular member left with his children as soon as Sterling walked in with his entourage. 

    On his way out of church, we asked Donald how he felt about Steve Ballmer buying the team -- no verbal response, but watch ... he clearly heard the question. Also, he gets a warm greeting from a church member -- an African-American woman.

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