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Miley Cyrus Partying with Kate Moss 'til 3am ... Following Doctor's Orders

  • 5/9/14  7:34am

    Miley Cyrus recovers like no other -- after nine days in a hospital bed she hit the London club scene with the perfect night nurse ... legendary party girl Kate Moss.

    Miley sported her best bra and leggings as she strolled into her hotel -- around 3:30 AM, according to paps -- after a night out at Madame Jojo's nightclub in SoHo.

    You might recall ... even if she doesn't ... Miley had an extended hospitalized stay last month after what her peeps said was an allergic reaction to antibiotics. 

    She canceled several tour dates as a result. 

    Hanging with Kate Moss -- the cure-all. For nothing.

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