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Ben Affleck You Can Count On Us. Come Downtown!

  • 5/6/14  9:01am

    Ben Affleck can keep doubling down and splitting Aces in Sin City ... because he just got offered a blackjack safe haven where he won't be 86'd for card counting.

    Derek Stevens owns The D Casino Hotel and Golden Gate Hotel in downtown Vegas -- and he wants Ben to bring his chips from the strip without worrying about getting swooped up by security.

    Ben was escorted out of the Hard Rock Casino last week after security labeled him an "advantage player," believing he was counting cards in blackjack.

    Stevens tells us, "The D Las Vegas is not afraid of Ben Affleck winning a few hands in a row," adding, "Ben can come play blackjack and not worry about security walking him out!"

    Heading off the strip doesn't mean you lose whale status -- The D can accommodate high rollers up to $10K per hand.

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