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Kurt Cobain Mocks Courtney Love in Letter Found in Wallet at Death Scene

  • 5/1/5  9:11am

    Those handwritten words are the beginning of a note that was in Kurt Cobain's wallet at the time of his death – a note that has been kept secret until now. The Seattle Police Department revealed a photograph of the letter on Tuesday, twenty years after the Nirvana frontman committed suicide in his Seattle home. 

    The undated note – written on a sheet of paper from San Francisco's Phoenix Hotel – reads like a sarcastic take on traditional marriage vows, as Cobain asks himself whether he'd take Love to be his wife "even when she's a b–––– with zits and siphoning all yr money for doping and whoring." 

    But that one sentence has already prompted dozens of questions about the sentiment behind it. Was Cobain joking about his notoriously troubled relationship, possibly making fun of that perception? Or was it a serious comment that hinted at a bigger rift between the two? (By contrast, in his suicide note, Cobain referred to Love as "a goddess ... who sweats ambition and empathy.") 

    Earlier this month, the Seattle Police Department reviewed the case files of Cobain's suicide and released dozens of previously unseen photographs from the scene of his death, including pictures of drug paraphernalia and of his suicide note. ("Nothing earthshattering," a police spokesperson said with a shrug at the time.) 

    CBS News acquired the note from Cobain's wallet, along with "hundreds of pages of copies of police reports and evidence" in response to public information requests that were filed with the SPD. 

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