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Lisa Vanderpump's Former Villa Blanca Waitress Makes Crazy Settlement Offer

  • 4/21/14 5:11pm

    This is one for the books.  The woman who was suing Lisa Vanderpump for $5 million alleging sexual harassment at her Villa Blanca restaurant -- among other things, is now willing to settle for $40K if the restaurant acknowledges some ridiculous things.

    Karina Bustillos -- who claimed a Villa Blanca manager sexually harassed her in all sorts of ways --  says she'll drop the suit if she gets $40K and the following promises from Villa Blanca:

    -- not to serve catfish and claim it's the more expensive tilapia
    -- not to serve canned fruits and veggies and call them fresh
    -- teach employees not to eat food off customers' plates
    -- order kitchen staff to wash their hands frequently

    And there's other stuff too, which seems like it's designed to embarrass. 

    Lisa Vanderpump says ... the lawsuit is "frivolous and a clear case of malicious prosecution."

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