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Ghana Group of Death successfully break through

  • September 10, 2014 1:07 AM PDT

    then this country has won the World Cup only a matter of time. In this regard, the current coach, German Jurgen Klinsmann is plain, however, that he knew the great potential of this country on the football implied, but this will take some time. so now we still do not want too many things about the future, we need only consider the moment, because we are eager to go further. Belgium on the eve of the war, he passionately said, like Dempsey, Howard and other experienced players at this moment to do is come up with their best performance. Yes, now lives are all the World Cup. while allowing Klinsmann is so confident, probably even from the United States team overwhelmed with the German team, Portugal, Ghana Group of Death successfully break through, and this result is almost make the world whom shocked. The Belgian team in front of opponents, known as the European Devils said, the FiFa 14 is destined to not be easy. But won the 1990 World Cup, Klinsmann believes his team will be full of triumphalism. able to qualify from the group of death, we did it.

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