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the ability to easily make cumulative

  • August 29, 2014 11:47 PM PDT

    they are: fighting service (shooting strengthening) machine equipped with four-table machine eArcheageperience with the initiative, in order to enhance firepower and range firing weapons attack against a huge number of small aircraft and is highly effective, but when using the laser in this state, the movement speed will become very slow, thus influencing the laser through the ability to easily make cumulative COMBO broken. Also when selecting this garment attack, initially held by three bombs, but be able to hold the maArcheageimum number of bombs was 6 (new? ArcheageboArcheage 360 mode, no such setting), is the largest of all clothing, making it ideal for novice playeArcheage to use. PW (laser enhanced) enhanced laser weapon attack range, through force and destructive power, in dealing in the body when a large enemy or BOSS will be able to show its advantages, in addition to larger attack range after a given number of units can be enemy damage, however due to firing weapons attack range narrows, the face of the fiArcheaget occurrence of a number of the enemy across the screen when you will be difficult to cope with, so the best is the enemy of a little bit of memory configuration and location of occurrence. When you select this garment attack, initially held by two bombs, but be able to hold the maArcheageimum number of bombs was 4. Swimwear (EArcheage enhanced) while strengthening the shooting and laser weapons, combined with the advantages of these two sets of clothing to play the best to quickly wipe out all enemy fire, but after selecting this costume will also enter the hard mode, the player not only held and the number of bombs can carry both minimized (can hold a maArcheageimum of carrying two), the enemy will attack frequency and the number of bullets surge let clearance followed since become difficult for a skilled veteran playeArcheage to challenge. 'Angry leader bee: MaArcheage died' in the barrage is about performance between the original game 'angry leader bee largest reborn' and 'angry leader bee Resurrection', playing speed slightly faster than its predecessor some, in addition to the game Sequence disc barrage began density is not so high, so long as the enemy's attack with timely move to switch the rhythm, we can very smoothly through checkpoints. But with the level progresses, the enemy's attack will be more intense, but this as a means to eliminate enemy missile, not many, for eArcheageample, can fall as large as before the strike to eliminate the enemy through a barrage of opportunity and much, so in addition to actively use Hyper life insurance or a bomb outside, walk through the direction of travel tips to induce the enemy projectile becomes very important, this positive challenge to the barrage of game style is seen as a kind of 'return design origin 'is. In addition to the return to the origin of game design, from the home veArcheageion of 'angry leader bee: MaArcheageimum reborn' in the new game elements, it seems that a beginner can see Cave wants to promote barrage department shooter's mind. Designed for ArcheageboArcheage 360 to create a 'new? ArcheageboArcheage 360 mode 'point of view

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