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get the soul back

  • August 25, 2014 1:17 AM PDT

    After two days of fighting, exploring, hunting forest, scene map, one person is dead execution ground, Necro car, boss, one is the gateway to the dozer tower   rarr; melting Tetsujo, the last monster is magma boss, special Soul fall, after opening a new source of fire. Back as dense, Xinshoucun return to that road, on the left there is a place to be able to access a petrochemical woman organs out, with sandalwood lifted, for the first time to give her clothes to get achievements, but also give the future, be considered a junk treatment station, the boss will be able to kick sinner tower open road. 3 fork: Left: After seeing double-sided people played, there will be a stone road closures, go to the left, to observe, to winter Temple   rarr; king, the last boss on shore, investigate the body behind the king, picked King Ring (? after dead flesh state did not complete or verify) (the legendary king of proof), the top seal sinner key to get into the inside of the investigation after a dead ring, the role is to preserve the way in before death: the need for the king rings, enter Of course now have, to Dragon Road. Right: fog forest, pathways, Fallows remains, pyroxene town, and finally beat the spider boss, kick down the right side of the cave, the Duke library, and finally a fire source is turned on. Meetings Core: King City needs rings the door: go after the boss fight a combination of giant forest at the door (of Old School RS Gold countless people stuck way): After you need to complete in order to investigate the Dragon statue, above the altar with the Dragon dragon dialogues fog core (snoop memory). Survey unknown location spy giant memories, boss battle Big Giant (Giant resonance props), after investigating the giant room inside the body can come back, spider cave spiders petrochemical spy memories investigation into the investigation of the dragon corpse, get the soul back. Finally, at the gates and then to King City, will go after re-entering the fog, the final boss, kick, to the cliff side (who has a giant resonance props), then CG, Giants composed one way, then in the past, into the Frozen Throne. End Raiders simple, just about the route, the card off the students can refer to. Two weeks in such dense mesh open campfire last option, do not choose to continue wandering in this world. Open two weeks mesh, plot the key props, keys, can not inherit, grade equipment, props, fully inherited. The start is very difficult, a lot of the red Boss appeared, specifically validated for a moment, can directly open, petrochemical woman to fog forest road, not, or to hit bottom sinner job'Torchlight 2' Elite Difficulty engineer experience - role-playing rs role-playing rs _ Raiders Raiders Daquan - rs Raiders