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  • August 15, 2014 12:51 AM PDT
    One of the best ways to solidify your reputation and credibility is by writing articles for print publications such as newsletters Jake Matthews Kids Jersey , trade journals, and magazines. This in turn creates an influx of sales as people gravitate towards experts and simply put, getting published makes you an expert! We naturally tend to have more confidence in those who get themselves into print. And who doesnt want to create more confidence, and therefore more sales, from our target audience?

    Being published is also free advertising. You can pay for the best, most expensive print ad Jake Matthews Mens Jersey , but nothing will create more results than the publication of your article. Your audience knows that you didnt pay for it, you earned it, and that is the significant difference that will explode sales.

    It may seem a daunting task to get published but in reality it is not difficult to attain. Many newsletters and trade journals are constantly looking for writers to contribute work. Consider these steps when planning your article marketing strategy:

    1. Think Big but Start Small Rather than going for the large mainstream magazines, shoot for small focused publications such as newsletters or trade journals. These publications are more likely to accept your work and even help edit your articles to suitability. To locate these publications visit your nearest University library and ask for reference books that list trade journals or newsletters. Once you have been featured in these publications you can begin to build up to larger mainstream magazines.

    2. Ask for Guidelines

    Never submit articles without first understanding what the publication is looking for and will accept. You need to be aware of word count, spacing format, style Jake Matthews Youth Jersey , and the type of information each publication is looking to include. It is wise to ask for a sample publication to read the articles currently being run. It is a waste of an editors time to receive articles that in no way fit the theme of their publication. Consideration will go a long way to creating a good relationship with a particular editor.

    3. Don't Write an Ad

    The most common mistake a businessperson makes when trying to get published is writing articles that read like ads. You must write articles that contain information that is useful and educational to the audience. You may also write articles that are inspiring or in some way adds to the readers understanding of a particular topic. Often giving away little trade secrets will increase your chances of getting published and build your credibility with both the editors and the reading audience.

    4. Be Persistent - Not Pushy

    Article marketing is not for the weak of spirit. Put your pride aside and resist the natural tendency to be hurt when receiving a rejection. You will receive your share of rejections... every writer does. When you receive a rejection write a polite thank you to the editor for considering your work. This paves the way for future submissions. Consider calling and asking politely what you might do to further your chances of being accepted into their publication.

    Never, ever be rude or pushy with an editor. This will only insure you will never be considered for future opportunities. Editors are often inundated and they select writers willing to be cooperative. Kindness counts. Then keep at it. Set a goal to submit so many articles a week and stick with it.

    What If youre Not a Natural Writer?

    If you just dont have the skills or time necessary to develop great articles, consider hiring a ghostwriter to help you achieve your goals. A ghostwriter produces work in your name so that editors see the articles as being your own. This is a common practice among corporations and businesses of all sizes. Sometimes our greatest strength is in understanding our weaknesses. The most successful business people understand this and hire that work out to experts.

    Article marketing is not an impossible task and the rewards can be great. Quit paying for expensive ads that get varied results. Give yourself and your business the professional edge by submitting your information articles to the appropriate publication today. Then sit back and watch your credibility rise and your sales soar!