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  • July 13, 2014 10:22 PM PDT

    Xinhua News Agency Beijing on June 17 sports news Belgrade, local media reported on the 17th, the Brazilian FIFA 14 World Cup group stage Group G match Germany beat Portugal 4-0 in the referee whistled for a controversial Serbian Milorad Ma Qiqi says He can not please everyone. Ma Qiqi said that whenever he scooped up a whistle ready to play when law enforcement, he said to himself, 'If you want to please everyone, do not want to hear any harsh word, fifa coins but also how to live as a referee?' Ma Qiqi aged 41 , at 17 am Beijing time in the game,  a penalty awarded to the German team, and then whistled the Portuguese defender Pepe red card playing, caused great dissatisfaction with the Portuguese players and fans. Ma Qiqi said he is willing to head-on competition law enforcement, and enjoy the challenge, such as the city of Belgrade derby between Red Star and guerrilla clubs, regardless of the presence or in the field, are often accidents. (End) 2014/06/17 19:49