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  • November 15, 2014 12:22 AM PST
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    All experience marketers know the old adage that “the money is in the list “.Network marketers have developed contact lists in many different ways over the years. Generally a sign up form is offered with a free giveaway. Someone simply fills out the form with a name and e-mail address to “opt in” to the autoresponder and the free giveaway is provided to them. In return for that, they generally understand that they have granted permission for whoever made the offer to follow up with other e-mails with other offers.


    Well today is a new day with new opportunity and new ways to connect and produce results that’s for sure. Because of computers and the internet it is now possible to create and income online from the comfort of your home, office, or even for starving students in college. Literally anyone can create income online with a click of a mouse strong intentions and a product, a digital product to be specific.


    So the question becomes, “How do I begin to make money online and with what tool?” Well, I will say to you that about 1.5 years ago I stumbled across a link a friend forwarded to me about a gentleman by the name of Armando Montelongo (He and his wife are the stars of A&E’s Flip This house). I viewed the link and watched the video 5 or 6 times Reggie Walker Jersey , but even more importantly I clicked on a link on the bottom of the page that most webmasters post as a link to their site and this is where I found the company of an incredible entrepreneur, Joel Therien. Joel is a guy with a vision who has created one of the most influential internet businesses on the web today because he give back to his subscribers, customers and people in general.


    Beginning in March, Joel will be introducing a product that allows anyone to build a MASSIVE contact list using a virtual product with high perceived value for all people. How many times have you visited a web page where you download a trial product and then have to upgrade within 7-30 days and soon after that you’re not using the product at all because you didn’t upgrade to the paid version?


    I am excited because I don’t have to miss out this time, because I lack the expertise to create and broadcast videos or perhaps I just don’t have the time.


    The viral concept is that you would then attract traffic to introduce yourself to the prospect in a more personal way, offering them the opportunity to opt in and use the same free software that you used to prepare the video. The prospect and new contact would in turn use his free new system to attract even more potential contacts for his list and yours as well.


    Well I couldn’t believe it. This software made it drop dead easy to make videos and to put them on my website. I actually was able to make a quality, professional looking video in less than 5 min. This sounds crazy I know Philip Rivers Jersey , but I did it.


    This new easy video producer software system appears to offer a simple and easy, no cost way for the experienced, and particularly the relatively inexperienced non-technical networker to make effective use of videos for viral list building, and business promotion.


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