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Action Outdoors: Sixty days to get it done

  • October 17, 2014 12:32 AM PDT

    The early-season Canada goose management season is now officially closed. I really like to take advantage of the early-season outings for a couple of reasons. First is that it allows me to make sure all my gear is ready for another intense, rough and hectic couple of months, where the weather can change from  balmy to freezing in a matter of hours. Second and most importantly is the time you spend in a blind, or in the field with your buddies or your family members builds a bond that cannot be described. With all that being said, when the regular waterfowl season opens in the Mississippi River Flyway, the clock begins to tick. In my mind, the calendar almost works in reverse, because you really need to look at every day within the 60-day season as how many more chances do I have to make it out into the field or on the water. A seasoned waterfowler usually has a pretty good idea on how to pattern the birds and what type of habitats are going to be more productive than others at most any time during the season. Most times big water hunting on lakes like Leech or Mille Lacs, which equates to divers, and not so much puddlers, will be a non-factor early in the season. Those waterfowl hunters who target potholes, beaver dams, or back water areas of the river systems filled with wild rice will be most productive early in the year. As the season moves forward past opening weekend, most waterfowlers will be subject to the split season framework that allows the 60 day season to stay open later in the season in different zones within the state. You must be well read on the DNR regulations in order to not put you and your hunting party into an illegal hunting scenar Canada Goose Hybridge Jacket io. Even within the legal season, there are rules and stipulations on the use of motorized decoys that must be followed. I am one who really enjoys when the prohibited use of spinning wing decoys become legal. I am still miffed as to why spinning wing decoys are prohibited early in the season. If you travel west into North Dakota, there are no restrictions for the use of spinning wings decoys early in the season. I guess this statute is a tradition that may someday be lifted. It is that mid-season third week of October cold front that puts snowflakes into the air and skim ice on the pond that gets many old school waterfowlers’ juices revved up. This drastic change in the fall-like weather patterns, which begins the transition to freeze-up, signals the beginning of the much-storied fall migration. This is the time of the year when big water waterfowlers are willing to put out dozens and dozens of diver decoys in freezing cold water at a chance of hearing the sounds only a flock of bluebills make as Canada Goose Snow Mantra Parka it passes by at incredible speeds. It also the time of year when the distinct whistle of the hearty goldeneye makes you crane your neck trying to locate the flock before it passes you by. You know you are duck hunting late season when ice builds up on the bills of your decoys, or when the steam rising off the water lifts in subzero temps and the water you have been hunting freezes u Canada Goose Womens Chilliwack Bomber p right before your eyes. It truly is a magical time of year in the waterfowler’s world. Die-hard waterfowlers are a rare breed. It is not uncommon for these swamp buster and big water hunters to travel hundreds of miles, just to chase their favorite quarry in less than ideal conditions. So what is the big fuss, and why are these waterfowlers so passi Canada Goose Womens Freestyle Vest onate about a sport that it makes them obsessive? Because they only have 60 days to get it done before another season is put in t Canada Goose Womens Solaris Parka he books.